2008 Recipient – Abbie Ferreira
Heathrow Elementary
Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,
Thenk you for giving me the scholarship to Camp Wewa. I just came back yesterday from my week there. It was the first time that I have been to camp and I loved it. I learned how to do archery, play volleyball and to fish. I hope to be able to go back another year. Thank you again.

2007 Recipient – Brian Gulbrandsen
Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,

Camp Wewa is the first sleep away camp I’ve done. The first two day I was home sick and shy, but after that I strated to meet new kids and I got confident and began to love camp! I had lots of fun climbing the Carrie Brown Memorial “Climbing Wall” and zip line down.  All the kids I met had email addresses and we still talk.  I think I had the best possible couselor. Aron, was great (he won the Counselor of the Week Award) and everyone I met was really nice.  The food was beter than I thought and even though I’m a picky eater I tried new foods.  The kids I met want to request for all of us to be in the same cabin again next year and I’m really looking forward to that. It was an honor to recieve the Carrie Brown Award and Camp Wewa Scholarship. Thank you very much for the opportunity, Mrs. Brown. I had the best time of my life!
Brian Gulbrandsen – Heathrow Elementary School

2006 Recipient – Justyn Murphy
Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,

Thank you for the wonderful experience to attend Camp Wewa. I wouldn’t have been able to attend without
your help! I enjoyed the total experience of attending Camp Wewa. I would love to attend again next summer  and become a counselor!! Thank you for your HELP!!!
Justyn Murphy  –
2006 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2006 Recipient – Nick
Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,

Thank you so much for donating money to help me go to Camp Wewa. I have gone to camp for the last three years and I think it’s really fun!! I want to keep going until I can become a CIT (Counselor in Training). Camp Wewa helps me learn how to work with other people and how to be a team. I love the counselors especially Fox. Going to Camp Wewa is my favorite thing to do every summer and I wouldn’t be able to go without your elp. Thank you very much!

Nick  –
2006 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2005 Recipient – Fred Gibson
Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,

Thank you so much for giving me this unforgettable experience at Camp Wewa. I had so much fun! I wish that I could have stayed longer. Some of the best times that I had was when I played dodge ball and board games. Also telling jokes and stories before bed with my new friends in the cabin. I also had a lot of fun trying new things like water skiing, tubbing, canoeing and archery. You do so much in one day that you look forward to lying down for a few minutes. The food was great and a lot better than my school careteria. I look forward to becoming a CIT next year!

Fred Gibson– Greenwood Lakes Middle School
2005 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2004 Recipient – Hayley James

Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,Camp Wewa is a very successful camp. Having an opportunity to make more friends is always great to be a part of. Working together on different challanges is a way to create friendships that can last you a lifetime. I worked with other people which helped me learn to more responsible and self-confindent. If I didn’t get this scholarship I would never get the chance to go to camp. My mom can’t afford to pay to go to camp. This camp was the BEST summer adventure ever.  Thank you!

Hayley James– Greenwood Lakes Middle School
2004 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2003 Recipient – Alray Depuno

Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,

Thank you for the great opportunity to go to summer camp. I had the best time of my life. I learned how to do many things I never thought I would have ever been able to try. I loved the climbing wall and zip line activities the best and all the new friends that I met!

Alray Depuno – Greenwood Lakes Middle School
2003 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2002 Recipient – Sierra N. Ortiz

Dear Carrie Brown Foundation,
Thank you for the opportunity to earn the scholarship to the summer camp at Camp Wewa in Apopka Florida. Especially thanks for helping in fill in the application and registration form. I look forward to camp and all the FUN activities that are offered.

Sierra N. Ortiz – Lake Mary Florida
2002 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient

2001 Recipient – Valorie Pari

Dear Carrie Brown Foundation:

Thank you for giving me a scholarship so I could go to Camp Wewa for the week. I had a lot of fun thereand also, made a lot of new friends. Everyone there was really nice, including the counselors, the C.I.T.’s and the girls in my cabin. I did a lot of new activities. Archery and canoeing were my favorites. I think it was really cool waking up with fifteen other girls you just met and how every one got along with each other. We would do things as a group and not individually. We ate together, we sang together, we had fun together and every one was really trusting. Like on the last day I needed a white t-shirt because mine were dirty and I got like five shirts. At the end it was really sad because you had to say good-bye to all your friends and every one else. But I had a lot of fun and I hope my mom sends me back next summer. Thank you for letting me experience the time at camp. Thank you Mrs. Brown, for your time and energy creating this opportunity for kids to attend summer camp at Camp Wewa in Apopka Florida..

Valorie Pri – Greenwood Lakes Middle School
2001 Camp Wewa Scholarship Recipient